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Due to their unpredictable nature, it is hard to be prepared for accidents, which is why whenever they occur we do not know where to seek for help when falling victim to another party’s negligence. Luckily, there are experienced whiplash lawyers that can help you seek the rightful compensation that you and/or your loved ones deserve.

Lethbridge Real Estate Lawyer

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Are you a law firm with lawyers who have represented municipalities and land owners in matters relating to zoning by-laws, land use, official plans and sub-division applications or, dealt with areas relating to opposition to proposed developments. This can be a great addition to you Lethbridge and Southern Alberta law frim in areas related to Real Estate Law.

Property Law

A person’s right in respect of real estate or property and the objects onto it or underneath it are covered under the property law of Canada. The term ‘property’ has a wider connotation that real estate and in addition to the real estate includes personal property and intellectual property.

Personal property laws are effectively governed by the provincial laws of the respective provinces of Canada, for example, the provincial Sale of Goods Act.

In addition to the aforesaid, the case laws as inherited from the English courts are still valid and enforceable in Canada.
Similarly, realty matters are also a provincial subject and covered by the respective provincial laws of the country and further supplemented by English case laws.

A Lethbridge Real Estate Lawyer is the first person you should speak with regarding these matters. As is the case in most of the common law based countries, intellectual property is a matter which is fairly and squarely within the purview of federal statutes. Having said that, some of the economic related torts applicable to intellectual property are covered by case laws, such as passing off. Given the advancements in the United States on the intellectual property laws, Canada has been forthcoming in adopting those as well by means of incorporating certain changes to their plethora of intellectual property related legal provisions.
The property law in Quebec expressly defines as to what can be deemed as a property.

The property laws of Quebec, amongst the generic matters, deals with the rules and principles which regulate different forms of property which can be bought and sold and the related procedure that ought to be adopted in such respect.

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Lethbridge Real Estate Lawyer

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